Wednesday, November 17, 2010

PCOS vent

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate having PCOS?

Well, just in case I haven’t… I HATE having Polycystic Ovary Syndrome!

I suppose I’m “lucky” though because it’s not too bad… I don’t have hair growing in places it shouldn’t, and my period doesn’t last for weeks or months on end. However, my periods are pretty unpredictable (was that a period? Did I even ovulate? How many days has it been?) and I have that damn belly fat that doesn’t go away!

I’ve been thinking about this a lot today because 2 people I know had babies today; one planned (was pregnant the month they decided to start trying), and the other completely and utterly unplanned. Let’s not even talk about all of the other pregnant people I see on my Facebook wall everyday!

We wanted to have a baby so desperately this year; I guess this just wasn’t our time. I suppose there were a couple of good things to come of it though:
  1. I probably wouldn’t have found out about the PCOS if we hadn’t been trying
  2. I wouldn’t have gotten the lapband if I hadn’t found out about the PCOS
Now that I’ve gotten my lapband, I’m a little terrified of getting pregnant before I have a chance to really lose weight. I mean, I’d be happy of course to get pregnant, but a little sad too that I have to put off the weight loss for a while. I’m not going back on birth control, so we just have to be extra careful.

Hmmph. I guess I just shouldn’t have let myself get so fat to begin with.

Alright, just had to get that out. Thanks for “letting” me vent :) 


nikki said...

I have PCOS also; the reason I got the band also. It's a booger but thankfully it *can be reversed. We will begin our 4th fertility treatment in March - we def want babies!!!

Kiki said...

I have PCOS as well. Officially diagnosed about 9 years ago. Fertility was never an issue for me (in that I do not want to have children) so I never really did much about it. I could live with the facial hair (one of my dearest friends is an aesthetician!) I even loved not having periods for months at a time. But the ridiculous hard time losing weight was getting to be too much.... hence the band.

Kudos to you for taking the steps you need to in order to start a family. Have faith that it will happen. If that's before or after you reach goal, it will be the right time.

Rachel said...

I'm at work, trying very hard to not shed a few tears for you. But, I don't know if she was one you were counting, but Amber had Lily about 4 hours ago.
If you want to vent to someone out loud (that isn't married to you), call me. <3 Rae

amandakiska said...


Rachel said...

Hi Christina...I agree with are on the path to preparing your body and mind for motherhood. I think that is awesome and I will cheer you on this journey!

Anonymous said...

My wife has PCOS as well. I think if we were set on having kids it would be something we'd be a lot more worried about, but as it is now, it's something we have in the back of our minds.

THE DASH! said...

Hi :) Thanks for joining my followers - lovely to see a new face.
I feel so awful for you and your situation with PCOS ... its a horrible affliction. You will get there though - I hear its something that can be overcome and when you do - well we will celebrate alongside you :) Congrats on doing so well with your band so far. Its awesome!

Stef said...

Hey PCOS sucks and Im sorry you have to deal with it. My Dr said that the weightloss will help with most of the symptoms so keep on trekking and you will be fine. I too have mixed feelings about getting pregnant cause I dont wanna gain my weight back but then I just have to remind myself that after the baby I will just tighten the band back up and continue with the weightloss. Dont worry everything will work out for the best. Keep ure head up high :)

Amanda said...

I have it too! Newly diagnosed! I didn't have a problem getting took a little longer. But they didn't hold! Plus I got major infections afterwards. So lapband is one way for me to solve this issue! I am the last of my closest friends. I feel out of the club and sad. that I am closer to getting the band I feel like I have something to look forward to. A goal to work towards! Then have babies!

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