Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Land of Platinum Gyms

My weight still hasn't budged this morning--grrrr! I want the scale to MOVE, damn it! I think I probably ate more than I should last night, so I'm just going to blame it on that.

I've been trying to find a relatively cheap gym around here to use when it gets really frigid cold outside, but not so much luck as of late. For some reason, gyms in Korea are ridiculously expensive. One popular gym by my work charges about $225 per month, and that makes for one expensive treadmill. The gym I went to back in the US was only $10/month! I got on Google last night and found 2 gyms within walking distance of my apartment (no car, remember). My husband checked one out for me--$360/month!!! And these gyms aren't anything special, they're just like your typical Gold's Gym. Apparently we live in the "most affluent part of Daegu" (our school pays our rent) and probably won't find any cheaper gyms around this area. Awesome. I guess I'll be bundling up to go on walks in the winter (not looking forward to it).

I think I'm going to actually make some goals for myself. Sure, I've got the BIG goal at the end, but I think I need some mini-goals as well to keep me going. I'll work on that today and post it later.

Have a good day!


Debra said...

Christina, I just read all your blogs and it sounds like you are doing well and are going to do great with your lapband. From what I read from your blogs I can see some big differences from having the surgery over there and from over here. I wish I would have had the compression band that you had. I didn't have it here and I think that would have helped me so that my port would not have gotten tilted. Oh an I feel so cheated on that take home pain pump. All kidding aside though. You are doing great and have the determination to have great sucess with the band. You may want to make a small change though...155lbs ... you will shatter that number so think of another goal weight cause you will be at that in no time at all.

nikki said...

Holy Benjamins! That's crazy. Paying that money, I'd expect a 10 lb. loss per week, lol. If I were there'd, I'd brave the cold with you and we'd hit the trails. Hopefully you will find something a little (ok, alot) cheaper!

amandakiska said...

I walk every morning, regardless of the weather. Just bundle up if it is cold! I also ride my bike a lot. Is your city bike friendly? Since you don't have a car, that might be a fun way to get around!

Silverhairedgoddess said...

Yes, that's alot of money - I use to go walking come rain or shine - my daughter and I would put on our raincoats (and boy does it rain heavy here in the summer - you can't see .. its like a curtain in front of you ) and off we would go - people thought we were crazy but we didn't care - walking is free so off we would go.

Lucky for me, I now have an eliptical/treadmill and bike ... it is worth the money we spent on them because all of us use the equipment - me, my daughter and my two grand children and once in a while my husband !

Kiki said...

Wow... that's an obscene amount of money for a gym! I have trouble paying the $83/mo for both me and my husband at our gym.

I think setting some interim goals is a good thing. I know for, with as long a way to go to the ultimate goal I have... shorter goals are necessary to keep me motivated.

Keep up the good work and the scale will eventually catch up... or down as the case may be!

Angelica said...

you burn more calories trying to keep warm! so that is definitly a plus!!! There is definitly a postive to every negative try to focus on the good! good luck dear!!

Paige said...

Crazy money for a gym membership!! dang!! I JUST posted on my blog before reading yours about making a plan - some short term goals. I am right there with you!! Feeling stuck at this weight.

Lady Lap Band said...

Hi Christina!!

Thanks for following me!!

Sounds like it might be cheaper for you to buy your own treadmill or elliptical! Those gyms are so expensive! It's more than my monthly car payment! Geesh!!

I don't know if you read my post about the circuit training video I just bought, but it's awesome and I do that at home everyday with some free weights! Maybe that would work for you too??


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