Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy Friday!

I don't really have anything of substance to write today. However, I just feel like I need to write something so I don't make a habit of not blogging just because I have anything interesting to say.

I'm so jealous of all you that have easy access to bandster-friendly foods. Whether it's because you can find it in the supermarket, or it's just easy to get it shipped to you. (However, I recently found which offers flat $4 international shipping.) Daegu is the 4th largest city in South Korea, so I feel lucky just being able to find fat-free milk and fat-free yogurt. If it's not TOO cold in Seoul tomorrow I'm going to try to check out some "foreign food" markets and see if there's anything worthwhile.

I increased my walking today AND took a different route (I even took my inhaler, haha). I walked for about 40 minutes and the route I took had a lot of inclines. I wouldn't say "hills" exactly, but I could definitely feel it going up the inclines :) This past summer I climbed my share of HILLS and I know I need to get in shape! Marc and I went to the Great Wall (yes, in China) in June and I nearly died walking on that thing.
That's me up ahead (you can see my bag), heading for the giant hill
That's me, climbing the Great Stairs of Death

There was also an incident when we decided to go to Palgong Mountain with Marc's brother and his wife. All the old people are always hiking there and there's a big Buddha at the top so we thought it must not be so bad. WRONG. I gave up probably around the halfway point. Then my best friend came to visit in September and there were a few hills where we had to uh... stop and enjoy the scenery on the way up.

Anyway. I'm really excited about the prospect of not getting so winded SO easily. It's so embarrassing breathing so heavily and sometimes sweating when other people hardly feel a thing.

Enough rambling. Enjoy your Friday!


Rachel said...

Seems like you are pushing yourself physically which is good. And it seems like you are having some pretty interesting adventures in Asia. I love your posts and hearing insights about Korea. We want to visit next summer, so your posts about Taegu pique my interest.

Anonymous said...

I think fat-free cheese is one of the greatest thing man has ever invented. Tastes close enough to the real thing (then again, I'm not sure how the real thing tastes anymore).

Good luck on your quest! I hear they're offering double experience points this weekend...

Rachel said...

The uneducated do not know what "band-friendly" foods are.
Where did you walk? Have you been walking all the way to work?
And, by the way, that scenery was very nice to stop and enjoy. ;) We might have missed the Monk if we were going too fast.
I'm glad that Mr. Duct Tape found you, I wanted him to read your blog, but didn't want to "out" you since you weren't telling everyone about it.
miss you. <3 rae

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