Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I almost died today.

I went for my walk today, usually about 30 minutes. At my usual turn-around place, there's a subway entrance so to mix it up a little I decided to run down the 47 steps and back up the 47 steps. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be; I was surprised I actually made it without stopping!

Well, about 30 seconds after I started walking again, it hits me--I CAN'T BREATHE! I've got mild asthma (had it since I was a kid) and it's been a little worse lately because I've been sick. Well, it was all I could do just to take little shallow breaths. I took off my scarf so people would be able to find my pulse after I keeled over, and then I walked about a block to a place I could sit down. Since I didn't have my inhaler with me I just had to focus on my breathing and basically "talk" myself down (remember what's-her-face from LOST season 1 when she lost her inhaler?).

After a couple of minutes I thought I was good enough to finish walking home, but alas I had to stop again at the end of the block. That's when I realized my $10 was missing from my pocket (I was going to stop at the mart on my way home). Grrr, it must have fallen out when I blew my nose after the stairs. So I walked aaaaalllll the way back to the stairs (maybe 2 blocks) but my money was in the wind.

So I learned two things today: One, don't forget my inhaler next time I want to run up and down lots of stairs and Two, don't put money in my pocket and forget about it.

P.S. Thanks for all of your encouraging comments about my last post; I was feeling a little down in the dumps and you picked me right back up :)


Rachel said...

I'm glad you didn't die. I applaud you for exercising.

~Lisa~ (Mrs C) said...

Oh my Heavens, Woman!! Don't do that again!! We don't want you dyin' on us - you hear???

Good job on the stairs though - but please promise us you'll keep your inhaler with you! May in the waist pouch you're going to wear to keep your money in - right?????

Seriously.. I am glad you're home, safe, and breathing...

Rachel said...

You are aware you used the verb "run" in reference to something that you did, right?
If this allegation is true, then I am proud of you, and must get on my elliptical; I can't let you get too much smaller than me... (yeah, right - I'm preparing myself to have a skinny bff)
I have a post request: In Korea, you and that guys you're married to (used to) go to restaurants a lot because it's economically just as good of a choice as staying in - What's the reality now? Still eating out? Could you eat a whole triangle gimbap if you wanted to? YOUR PUBLIC DEMANDS ANSWERS. <3 Rae

Anonymous said...

I would strongly suggest not dying. Seems to be counterproductive.

But, yeah, good job with the stairs. I hate stairs.

Amanda said...

So glad you didn't die my dear!! Take that inhaler with you!!! Plus $10 is a fair trade for a non death day!

amandakiska said...

How scary! I'm glad it turned out okay and I'm glad you didn't lose more than $10. Great job with the exercise!

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