Saturday, November 20, 2010

Too much fill :(

Well, I went for my second fill yesterday, and so far it's been disastrous. The doctor added 1.5cc's (for 3cc's  total) and I threw up my water. She took out .5cc's, and the water went down much easier. So I left, proceeded to have lunch and hang out in Seoul. I had broccoli soup for lunch and ended up throwing that up, but I blamed it on already having thrown up once and possibly eating too fast. Then I decided to get a coffee drink, and that stayed down--but I didn't finish because I could feel it slooooowly going down. By this time the doctor's office was closed so I couldn't go for another unfill even if I wanted to.

While I was waiting for my train back to Daegu, I got a hot tea and that went down fine. I got home, had some broccoli soup, and that went down. I even had an ice cream bar, and that stayed down, too, as well as my chewable vitamins.

Well, this morning I got up around 9:30 and made my protein shake around 11am. I took two sips, and could feel it just sitting there in my pouch. I really didn't want to throw up again, so I tried to wait it out. I made some hot tea and drank a little, thinking it would relax things and the protein shake would get moving. Alas, it merely resulted in me running to the bathroom and throwing up protein shake and tea.

I'm guessing this is what it's like to be overfilled? It's hard for me to believe that I'm this tight with only 2.5cc's in my 10cc band. I think I'll be making another trip to Seoul tomorrow to get another small unfill. At least I don't feel hungry :)


Rachel said...

Hi Christina, I noticed with the fills that people's responses are varied. This whole WLS experience has been a "getting" to know your body better experience for me.

Regardless I hope you feel better soon.

Justawallflower said...

oh wow. So sorry for you! I just got my first fill and it was 3cc's. I was kind of disappointed because i was hoping for like 5 or so. But what do I know? 3 for me seems to be good for now. No issues, and I am eating a lot less, but would like to be less yet. Anyway, I hope you get it worked out tomorrow!

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