Wednesday, March 30, 2011

30 Posts - Day 30

Day 30: What have you learned this past month? 

Yeah, I totally skipped Day 29 because it was "Your favorite song" and there was already a favorite songs post a while back and I thought it was stupid.

So here we are, Day 30, the end of this thing--that was a fast month! I didn't learn much, except that next time I should find one with more "interesting" topics. I don't think I'm the boring one here, per se... just these topics weren't all the most exciting, know what I mean? Anyway.

Smell ya later.
Monday, March 28, 2011

30 Posts - Day 28

Day 28: A picture of you last year and now, and how you have changed since then

O. M. G. I have been waiting for this day since I started this thing!

Here I am last year...

All of those were taken during my 2-week visit home last year at the beginning of March. I probably weighed around 290, though I can't be sure because I didn't own a scale at the time. I think what saddens me the most when I look at those pictures is that I thought I looked pretty good. Now I look at the photos and all I can see is how unhealthy I look--how fat I look.

Here I am now...

These were all taken on March 22. I had some other ones that I wanted to post, but for some reason the Blogger uploader isn't recognizing their existence. Anyway, I would like to mention that I bought this green shirt probably a year and a half ago. While I could wear XL in Old Navy's knit shirts--they stretch to high-heaven!--I couldn't even get this very non-stretchy XL shirt over my arms. I actually can still button the next button down, but it looks better leaving it open like that over the baby bump :o) I also have the same shirt in a khaki color.

So, how have I changed? Hm, lemme break it down for you:

  • I've lost 60 pounds
  • I'm 5 months pregnant
  • My blood pressure is normal *crossing my fingers that it stays that way*
  • My feet aren't fat and puffy
  • I can sit indian-style or with my knees up and it doesn't hurt
  • I no longer worry about breaking things when I sit down
  • I fit in the rides at amusement parks
  • I'm happier
  • I feel better about myself (at least with clothes on...)
  • I don't mind walking and taking public transportation so much (too bad we're about to head back to the land of no public transportation!)
  • I feel healthier
  • I look healthier
  • I no longer have to shop in the plus-size department
  • I'm more comfortable in the KTX seats
  • I'm positive that I'll be more comfortable on the plane ride home!
And the list goes on. I love the new me. I don't necessarily hate the old me, but I do hate that I thought it was okay to let myself turn into a fat tub o' lard. I definitely didn't realize what I'd turned into until I was sitting at a bar with some friends last year (during that trip home) and this really drunk, obnoxious guy was next to us talking about strippers and strip clubs and I don't really remember what else. His friend kind of gave us an "I'm sorry about him" look and Obnoxious Drunk Guy says, "I don't care what that fat bitch thinks!" Being called fat in Korea was one thing... but it was then that I realized I just looked fat, period. It stung. Unfortunately, it still took a few more months for me to actually do anything about it. 

So here's the new-and-much-improved me--Cheers! (...with sparkling apple juice, of course)
Sunday, March 27, 2011

30 Posts - Day 27

Day 27: Why you are doing this 30-day challenge

I decided to do this because I'm pregnant and shouldn't be trying to lose weight, and that doesn't lend a lot to blogging about my life with a Lap-Band. Also, I wanted something to pass the time while I wait for April 25 to get here!

Unfortunately, I'm nearly finished so I guess that means I'll have to start writing more "real" posts again!
Saturday, March 26, 2011

30 Posts - Day 26

Day 26: What you think about your friends

Okay, seriously? These subjects are getting kind of lame.

What do I think about my friends? Well, frankly, I can't stand them and I wish they would just leave me alone. I mean, fo' rillz, they're so boring and smelly and have bad style.


I told you that was a lame subject.

30 Posts - Day 25

Day 25: What I would find in your bag

What's in my bag, eh? I thought about just taking a picture, but I'm too lazy to do that. It would involve getting up to get my camera, taking the picture(s), finding my camera cable, uploading....yeah, way too much work.

So, in my bag, you would find:

  • wallet
  • phone
  • Burt's Bees chapstick (with pomegranate oil)
  • Gas-X strips
  • a pen
  • tissues
  • iPod
  • bobby pins
And that's all, folks!

30 Posts - Day 24

Day 24: A letter to your parents

This is kind of an odd one, no? I'm not really sure where to go with it, which is why I didn't do it yesterday. Oh well. Here we go...

Dear Mom and Dad:

Thank you for being the best parents anyone could ask for. When I think about how much you guys sacrificed in order for me to have the best childhood/teenagerhood possible, I really feel quite humbled. Thank you for your unconditional love and support, in everything I ever even thought I wanted to do. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

30 Posts - Day 23

Day 23: Something you crave for a lot


These days my cravings are pretty standard:

Galbi (aka Korean BBQ)

Baskin Robbins (especially Romeo's Heart flavor)

This is my food porn. MMMMmmmmMMMMmMMMMMmmmmm.
Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pregnancy NSV and other things

Awesome thing that happened:

I was concerned that it would be a long time before anyone could really tell I was pregnant, without them having some sort of prior knowledge. My midsection has been my bane for the last 3 years and it hasn't changed much (in my eyes, at least). Last Friday I was waiting at a crosswalk and this old Korean woman came up to me and started gesturing a pregnant belly and said, "imshin?" (which is the Korean word for pregnant). She actually could tell I was pregnant, and didn't think was just another fat white girl! It was difficult to keep from kissing her.

In other news, today I reached a new low on the scale--232.1! To change the ticker or not, that is the question. I also changed my goal weight, from 155 to 160. I've been meaning to do that for a while, I just finally got around to it. It's only 5 pounds, but it feels more attainable.

I also set kind of a new mini-goal for myself, to be 199 by my birthday (September 29). I figure if I can maintain my weight like I have so far, then it should be easy peasy after I have the baby (around the beginning of August) to lose the pounds. I may have to re-evaluate later on if I gain more than 5-10 pounds in the last trimester.

Adios, y'all.

30 Posts - Day 22

Day 22: What makes you different from everyone else

This is kind of a toughie. It's not easy to put on paper what makes you unique.

I'm going to post something I wrote when I was a junior in college. It started out as 100 facts about me, but turned into 50 because it's really difficult!

December 4, 2004:

1. I can't fall asleep with my socks on.
2. I love sitting in my room with no lights except a candle or two burning.
3. I am extremely picky when it comes to the guys that I date.
4. I have been overweight for the majority of my life.
5. My spine is crooked.
6. I hate politics.
7. My favorite clothes are my jeans and some quirky t-shirt with my old chuck taylors.
8. My favorite movie of all time is Ever After. 
9. When I was 5, I told my parents I wanted to be an orphan; I didn't realize at the time that it meant they would have to die.
10. I routinely clean out my buddy list. [Remember AIM?]
11. I have a pretty eclectic taste in music, but I definitely prefer the slower stuff. The more emotion it brings out of me, the better.
12. I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to do when I graduate next year.
13. I tend to exaggerate the small things in my life so I seem somewhat interesting to those around me. I've been doing it for so long that I hardly remember the truth anymore.
14. I'm a shower freak. 
15. I haven't been to my European Political Systems class since October 29.
16. I have 4 older siblings; 2 brothers and 2 sisters.
17. I used to think I enjoyed drinking, being drunk, but I realize now that I never did. I only wanted to be drunk so I'd forget about being depressed for a few hours, but after a while I would just end up crying for no reason. So now, I just hardly drink at all. It doesn't even taste that good.
18. I own a purple bowling ball and pink bowling bag. I bought them for 2 dollars at the thrift store in 2001, they go with me to every place I move to, but I have yet to actually use the ball.
19. I can't stand to hear people talking down on themselves. I offer a few words to try to help because I know the depressed feeling, but when they absolutely insist that I'm wrong and they're absolutely sure that they're good for nothing, then I get pissy. Everybody is good for something, even if it's just going behind people and cleaning up their boogers.
20. I absolutely love sunshine and warmth. I hate the cold. I get depressed to easily when it's cold out.
21. I love cheesy old love songs.
22. I've done pot before. I liked it at the time, but now that I think back, it's the same as the alcohol; I only did it to forget what I was so unhappy about. I don't think I'm going to do it again, ever.
23. The smell of vanilla candles is super sexy.
24. I am certain that God will provide. Whenever I'm in a bind, He always comes through. There's no reason for me to start doubting Him now.
25. I want to save the world. Let me go to Africa, please. Just let me live there. If I can't save them, let me join them. [I was filling out my Peace Corps application before I met Marc in June 2005]
26. I'm not courageous at all. I have no balls (physically nor metaphorically). 
27. I'm not a virgin. You may think I am, but you haven't asked and I haven't told you otherwise. Sorry to destroy your image of me; God still loves me, so can you.
28. You know why I don't go to church? I hate it. I hate what it's become. I feel closer to God in my bedroom than in any church I've been to in the last few years.
29. I pick my nose. It's gotten worse since I got my nose ring since the boogers always get caught on the inside of it. Tickles like a mofo :)
30. I hate tea and gum makes me want to vomit.
31. I daydream, alot.
32. It's hard to come up with 100 things you might not know about me.
33. My IQ is somewhere around 140. That means I'm a genius, bitches.
34. Unfortunately, "genius" is not synonymous with "ambitious."
35. I think about my ex-boyfriends every day. I wish you the best, N---. You may be a bastard, but there was a reason I loved you. As for you, P---, I'm sorry I went psycho on you. I blamed you for a lot, and I don't regret anything I said or did. I'm just sorry I didn't handle it better. [Oh please. I regret acting like a fool!]
36. Having a long-distance relationship is one of the most difficult things in the world. I thought I wouldn't mind it at first because I've become pretty independent. Unfortunately, as our feelings for each other have grown, it's become more and more difficult to deal with the fact that he's 90 miles away, we're both broke as hell, and who knows when we're gonna be able to live in the same town. [I broke up with this guy just before Valentine's Day. He cried. I didn't.]
37. I am incredibly emotional. For instance, I have tears in my eyes after writing number 36.
38. I believe that your 20's are a time of discovery and growth. So I've done some things that weren't so good; I don't think I really could grow and learn about myself if I hadn't done them. Some might consider that ignorant or immature, but that's okay. They're not me.
39. I'm really getting into this list.
40. One of the most amazing things I've witnessed was July 2002 when Rachel and I went to Washington, D.C. We decided to visit the monuments after midnight--it was kinda scary walking through the dark paths. On the steps of one of the memorials (Lincoln, I think), some people were holding some kind of peace rally, I'd call it. A hundred or so people were sitting on the steps, perfectly still, praying. It was incredible.
41. I love God with all my heart. If you'd like to argue with that, I hate to tell you that it won't be much of a debate. I have nothing to prove to you.
42. I adore piano music. This is why I love Something Corporate and Ben Folds so much. Oh man.
43. I've never had a boyfriend on my birthday.
44. I actually love my job. (If only it paid a bit more...) [Starbucks!]
45. Dashboard Confessional's "Remember to Breathe" makes me melt.
46. My mom is a cancer survivor.
47. So is my dad.
48. I never got to meet any of my grandparents, though from what I hear they were magnificent people.
49. I feel good in trendy clothes, but I'd rather dress in ratty jeans and my favorite shirt any day.
50. It's taken me 2 days to get to this point!

I hope you enjoyed our step back in time!
Monday, March 21, 2011

30 Posts - Day 21

Day 21: A picture of something that makes you happy

Tioman Island, Malaysia - from our trip last October
I lovelovelove sunshine and the beach. It doesn't matter how awful I feel, sunshine makes everything better. So far we've only had a couple of nice spring days in Korea... this week the high is about 50 every day and the low is still at or below freezing. I'm SO over wearing my winter coat and socks! I can't wait to get back to Alabama where it's already 80 every day!
Sunday, March 20, 2011

30 Posts - Day 20

Day 20: Someone you see yourself marrying/being with in the future

Alright, let's just assume for a minute that I'm not already married.

It would definitely be this guy....
Hey there Johnny, how you doin'?
Yep, it's Johnny Depp. I used to tell my [adult] students that I was going to marry him. They would say, "But you're already married!" Sometimes it would take them a few minutes to pick up on the joke...

30 Posts - Day 19

Day 19: Nicknames and why you have them

I have just one nickname, and the only people who (still) use it are the people I went to high school with.


Yes, that's right. My nickname is a silly boy's name. You see, my maiden name is Howe, like "How are you?" and people never quite knew how to pronounce it. I got hoe, hoey (like joey), and howie for as long as I could remember. My clever, clever friends came up with things like, "Christina, HOWE are you doing?" or "Christina, HOWE'd you get so cute?". Finally, one genius in particular--pretty sure it was my best friend, though I can't actually remember the first use of Howie as an actual nickname--just started calling me Howie. Before long, it was just my name and it was kinda strange whenever someone actually called me Christina.

Now, here I am 10 years later, and most people from high school still call me Howie. They do throw out the occasional Christina in public settings though, especially amongst people who didn't go to high school with us. I appreciate the nostalgia and endearment that tags along each time I hear it.
Friday, March 18, 2011

30 Posts - Day 18

Day 18: Plans/dreams/goals you have

I just want to...
be happy always... 
visit Greece...

be a mom...

move back home...

see this in person...

and weigh this many pounds.
I don't think this is too much to expect, do you? Nah.
Thursday, March 17, 2011

30 Posts - Day 17

Day 17: Someone you would want to switch lives with and why

I hate these kinds of questions! What if I'm HAPPY and I don't WANT to switch lives with anyone for a day?? I am exactly where I want to be, with who I want to be with. Therefore, my answer is nobody.

I haven't always been at this point, but I can definitely say that I'm there now. I love my husband, I love our life, I love our little cantaloupe baby. Oh, and I love our cats. I'm so much healthier than I was a year ago and as soon as this baby pops out (that's what happens, right?) I'm gonna be right back on my journey to a healthy weight. I'm hoping that about 20 pounds just fall off after I give birth because then I'll practically be knocking on ONEderland's door!

30 Posts - Day 16

Day 16: Another picture of yourself

I already posted these on the other blog, but now they're the most recent ones I have! Taken last Tuesday, 19.5 weeks pregnant. I don't have any maternity pants yet, but hopefully I'll have them soon because my pants just aren't working anymore!
Tuesday, March 15, 2011

30 Posts - Day 15

Day 15: Your favorite songs

**Hey look, I'm halfway done!**

Ooh, favorite songs. Let's see... these will be in no particular order.

  • Dashboard Confessional - "The Best Deceptions" My friends and I used to listen to this song on full blast and sing it as loud as we could; I still love to do that on occasion
  • Bright Eyes - "The Center of the World" I just love this song. It gives me chills (sometimes).
  • Dispatch - "The General" especially the live version from their "All Points Bulletin" album because it goes into Bob Marley's "Stir It Up"
  • Flogging Molly - "If I Ever Leave This World Alive" It's about death and love and it's a beautiful song
  • Alabama - "Dixieland Delight" It reminds me of home :)
  • Florence + The Machine - "Cosmic Love"
  • Freelance Whales - "The Great Estates"
  • Pat Benatar - "Heartbreaker"
  • The Push Stars - "Keg on my Coffin"
  • Billy Joel - "We Didn't Start the Fire"
  • CCR - "Have You Ever Seen the Rain?"
  • Deathcab for Cutie - "Transatlanticism"
  • The Postal Service - "Such Great Heights"
  • Ray LaMontangne - "Jolene"
  • Band of Horses - "The Funeral"
  • Damien Rice - "9 Crimes"
  • Poison - "Every Rose Has Its Thorn"
I'm sure I could keep going, but this is a nice sampling of the songs with the most plays on my iTunes (I had to look there after certain point). 

Lola, the loosey goosey

Okay, I'm not going to re-post everything I just wrote on my other blog, so if you're interested in baby things and tummy photos, go here.

I also wanted to post here and say how utterly grateful I am for this band. Oh. My. Gawd. I haven't seen any real weight gain yet; a few times I've thought I may have gained a few pounds, but it just comes back off after some time (usually after I change what I've been eating). I don't want to change my ticker because I doubt it will stay like this forever, but I'm actually 234.3 today, a pound and a half lower than my ticker weight!

I've also heard that the band will get tighter with pregnancy. Maybe I'm just not at that point yet, but so far I think it's actually gotten LOOSER. I ate a hamburger last weekend, and not a little thing from McDonald's, either! It was a big ol' bacon cheeseburger and chili cheese fries. My band allowed me to eat exactly half of my burger and fries, but I just couldn't believe I actually took bites of a burger, bread and all, and didn't get stuck at all. Lunch time is still touch and go with what I can and can't eat, but by dinnertime Lola is a little Loosey Goosey. I love love love my band. I eat what I want, I don't gorge myself, and I'm happy.
Monday, March 14, 2011

30 Posts - Day 14

Day 14: A picture of you and your family

Here's the whole gang at my wedding. My oldest brother and his family live in NY so we don't get to see them very often. L-R (not including kids): My sister, her husband, my dad, me, Marc, my older brother, my mom, older brother's wife, oldest brother, oldest brother's girlfriend. The kids are my nieces and nephews.

This is my dad's wedding, last year. L-R: My sister, her husband, my older brother's wife, my dad, my step-mom, my older brother, me. The girl is my sister's step-daughter.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

30 Posts - Day 13

Day 13: A letter to someone who has hurt you recently

Sorry for the posting overload, I took a little hiatus over the weekend! Anyway.

No one's really "hurt" me recently, so how about a letter to someone who's caused me some discomfort?
Dear Baby in my Belly,


I love you very much.

XOXO, Yo' Momma

30 Posts - Day 12

Day 12: How you found out about blogging and why you made one

Okay, seriously? How did I find out about blogging? Well, it's 2011 and pretty much everyone and their dog has a blog, so, you know. I found the Lap-Band blogging world through the Lap-Band Talk forums and decided that I should "go public", so to speak. At first I was just keeping it all private, a place for me to track my progress. But when I found the BOOBS community of bloggers, I had to hop on the wagon :)

30 Posts - Day 11

Day 11: Another picture of you and your friends

I told you, I don't have many photos taken WITH friends! Alashg;sahtlhlhetlkj.
Thursday, March 10, 2011

30 Posts - Day 10

Day 10: Songs you listen to when you're happy, sad, bored, hyped, and mad

Oh man, this is not easy!

Happy: Florence + the Machines "The Dog Days are Over", anything by Dispatch, anything by OAR (before their newest albums), Elton John, the Who,

Sad: anything from Enter the Worship Circle

Bored: um... anything I guess; is bored really an emotion?

Hyped: I guess this is what I listen to when exercising or cleaning? If so, then anything by Lady Gaga, anything by Muse, Florence + the Machines

Mad: anything by Bright Eyes (especially from the "Fevers and Mirrors" album)

Okay, this is not really comprehensive, but this is what came to mind first. Please don't judge me! :)
Wednesday, March 9, 2011

30 Posts - Day 9

Day 9: Something you're proud of in the last few days

I'm super-proud of my friend Janna! She's also in Korea, and pregnant--but she actually gave birth here! She had her baby boy yesterday, and I'm SO proud of her. She went all-natural, no epidural--no Hypnobabies, no Bradley Method (common methods people use to prepare for natural childbirth), nobody with her except her husband at the hospital! It definitely makes me feel a little less nervous about my desire for a natural birth. Her labor was fairly quick (especially for a first-time mom), about 8 hours from start to finish, and by the time she got to the hospital she was already 8cm dialated; she said she hardly felt any pain at all until just before it was time to push. It seems like all I hear are stories of 20-40 hour labors, so it's nice to know that it IS possible to have a short, fairly easy labor.
Tuesday, March 8, 2011

30 Posts - Day 8

Day 8: Short-term goals for this month and why


  • Pack up our "un-necessities" and send them to Alabama. Three boxes were already sent on Monday!
  • Schedule final appointment with my OB (but not before I get my Level 2 ultrasound!) and remember to tell them I need copies of my records
  • Schedule final appointment with Lap-Band doctor for next month and remember to ask for copies of my records
  • Find out details for our flight home and reserve spaces for the cats on the plane(s)
  • Avoid gaining weight 
I think that's all for March. Of course, this is all in preparation for our move back to Alabama... next month will be much crazier with things to do.
Monday, March 7, 2011

30 Posts - Day 7

Day 7: A picture of someone or something that has had the biggest impact on you

I choose two things. While there are certainly more than 2 things that have made an impact, these definitely made the biggest:

Alabama School of Math and Science
The school did not look like this when I graduated in 2002. I think all the renovations were finished around 2007 or 2008. Anyway, this is just the front entrance with the library, sign-in desk, student activity center, etc. This place impacted my life in a HUGE way. Before coming here, I'd had a very sheltered life; Christian family, always went to church, and attended only 1 year of real public school (10th grade)--prior to that, I'd gone to Christian schools. From the first night of my new student orientation at ASMS, I realized that there was a whole world outside of my little bubble and I was ready for it. The friends I made here are still my best friends today. 

I apologize for the morbidity
I've mentioned a few times about how my mom's death impacted and changed me. I don't want to regurgitate things you already know, but seriously--I can't even begin to imagine where I'd be in my life right now if this hadn't happened.

30 Posts - Day 6

Day 6: Favorite superhero and why

*Whew, almost missed Day 6!!

Okay, choosing a favorite superhero is actually more difficult than I thought it would be. I LOOOOOVE the idea of superheroes and I LOOOOOOVE superhero movies (but I've never actually read a comic book or anything). That being said, I think I have to go with Superman.

C'mon, just look at him!
He's basically an all-around good guy, AND he has genuine superpowers! Who cares if he's *technically* an alien, at least he was born with his powers. Most of the other "superheroes" are the result of some crazy lab experiment, or they don't *actually* have any superpowers. 

He's also pretty dang easy on the eyes. 
Sunday, March 6, 2011

30 Posts - Day 5

Day 5: A picture of somewhere you've been to 

How about 3? In July 2005, I had the opportunity to study French in Aix-en-Provence, France. It's on the southern end, near the French Riviera. I was able to visit several places along the coast, and these are just a few.
Canoeing through les Calanques; they're massive cliffs with water going through them

the coast in Nice

very picturesque lavender field

I bet you all expected pictures of Asia... HA! GOTCHA! :)

Friday, March 4, 2011

30 Posts - Day 4

Day 4: A habit that you wish you didn't have

I wish I didn't bite my nails! They're thin like tissue paper and they tear and rip and I definitely bite them more when I feel stressed. I also pick at the skin around my nails. Sometimes I get acrylic nails and keep them for a while--but even then, I'll still pick at those too! It's a terrible, awful habit.

I've been a nail-biter for as long as I can remember. My mom would put that bitter stuff on my nails, and I'd either bite through it, or pick it off. Even now when I put strengthening stuff on my nails, it doesn't seem to "bind" to my nail very well so I end up just picking that off too. Sigh.

30 Posts - Day 3

Day 3: A picture of you and your friends

Junior year of college (I was "Carrie" for Halloween), with Rachel

My visit home last March, with Rachel (and her husband)

Me with my bridesmaids; my sister is on the left, other two are Leslie and Rachel
While trying to find photos of me WITH friends, I realized that in more recent years I definitely hid from the camera more often than not. I should take more pictures with friends!
Wednesday, March 2, 2011

30 Posts - Day 2

Day 02- The meaning behind your Blog name
I think the meaning behind my blog name is pretty self-explanatory. This is my story of being fat and living in Daegu, South Korea--often considered to be the most conservative/old-fashioned city in the country. According to the Internet, a memoir is "an account of the personal experiences of an author" and this is just that (for the most part). Oh, and I'm pregnant. 
And there you have it. 
Tuesday, March 1, 2011

30 Posts - Day 1

Day 01- A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

1. I found out I was pregnant exactly 35 days after having Lap-Band surgery.
2. I am the youngest of 5; 2 older brothers and 2 older sisters. The oldest is 45, I'm 27.
3. I was born in Newburgh, NY, and my family lived in Virginia, Kansas, and Illinois before settling in Alabama when I was 7 years old. 
4. My husband and I moved to Korea in November 2008 because we needed a break. Pesky little things like life and reality were eating us alive.
5. Two days ago, I actually said this out loud: "I hope I love our baby as much as I love little baby Elliot." Elliot is one of our cats. He's 3 years old.
6. I have a tattoo on the inside of my wrist. It says "believe" in Hebrew. I chose Hebrew because my mother's side of the family is Jewish and I wanted something to look at whenever I wanted to feel close to her. I chose "believe" because at the time I was struggling with trying to understand why my life was turning out like it was, and I knew that I just needed to believe. Believe in God, believe in my faith, believe that there's a reason why things happen.
7. That's the first time I've actually told anyone all of the reasons behind my wrist tattoo.
8. I have a tattoo on my foot of a sun. My mom always sang "You are My Sunshine" and it makes me happy to see it. I also love the sun. I also have really ugly toes and needed something to distract from them.
9. I went to a public boarding school for 11th and 12th grade called the Alabama School of Mathematics and Science. Since Alabama ranks so low on the education scale, the state's required to have a special school for gifted students, tuition-free. That place changed my life.
10. I love listening to music, all kinds. I'm not as "into" the "scene" as I was in high school and college, but it's still something that I love. Some of my favorite songs/bands I can't/won't even listen to anymore because of all of the memories they dredge up. 
11. I used to make up fake tragedies in my life and then tell my AOL Instant Messenger friends about them in order to get attention. I actually had a fantastic childhood and great parents and I never got into trouble and I was a really really good kid all through high school and college and always had good grades with minimal effort. For some reason, I felt this was all too boring so I would try to make myself seem more exciting. 
12. I didn't claim Alabama as my home until my senior year of high school. When it was time to send out those college applications, I realized that I just wanted to stay... home. I went to the University of Alabama at Birmingham, 45 minutes from my parents house. I did, however, either live on campus or just off-campus for all 4 years.
13. My favorite food in the whole wide world is macaroni and cheese.
14. My least favorite food in the whole wide world is... nothing. I have yet to eat something that I would never eat again.
15. During my junior year of college, I shared a house with 2 other friends and we often had people over to hang out on our awesome front porch. One night, a one-legged no-teeth no-outer-ear patchy-haired burn victim prostitute named Janice visited us on our porch. She was 43 and just finished a job at the apartment complex next door and asked if we could call a cab for her. My friend gave her a beer while she waited on the taxi, and Janice tried to pay us $3 for the beer. 2 of us told her no, it's nothing, but my other friend took the money (not realizing we'd already told her no). My friend gave $1 to me and the other girl and kept one for herself, and to this day (almost 7 years later) I still have that hooker dollar in my underwear drawer.

30 Posts in 30 Days

In an effort to keep this blog more active, I'm going to start the "30 Posts in 30 Days Challenge" (I guess you could call it that). I've seen it on some other random blogs so I thought I'd do to make things a little more interesting. Anyway, here's the list of topics I found:

Day 01- A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself
Day 02- The meaning behind your Blog name
Day 03- A picture of you and your friends
Day 04- A habit that you wish you didn’t have
Day 05- A picture of somewhere you’ve been to
Day 06- Favorite super hero and why
Day 07- A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you
Day 08- Short term goals for this month and why
Day 09- Something you’re proud of in the past few days
Day 10- Songs you listen to when you are Happy, Sad, Bored, Hyped, Mad
Day 11- Another picture of you and your friends
Day 12- How you found out about blogging and why you made one
Day 13- A letter to someone who has hurt you recently
Day 14- A picture of you and your family
Day 15- What are your favorite songs [adjusted from ipod list]
Day 16- Another picture of yourself
Day 17- Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why
Day 18- Plans/dreams/goals you have
Day 19- Nicknames you have; why do you have them
Day 20- Someone you see yourself marrying/being with in the future
Day 21- A picture of something that makes you happy
Day 22- What makes you different from everyone else
Day 23- Something you crave for a lot
Day 24- A letter to your parents
Day 25- What I would find in your bag
Day 26- What you think about your friends
Day 27- Why are you doing this 30 day challenge
Day 28- A picture of you last year and now, how have you changed since then?
Day 29- Your favourite song.
Day 30- In this past month, what have you learned
Here goes nothin'!

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