Tuesday, March 1, 2011

30 Posts - Day 1

Day 01- A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

1. I found out I was pregnant exactly 35 days after having Lap-Band surgery.
2. I am the youngest of 5; 2 older brothers and 2 older sisters. The oldest is 45, I'm 27.
3. I was born in Newburgh, NY, and my family lived in Virginia, Kansas, and Illinois before settling in Alabama when I was 7 years old. 
4. My husband and I moved to Korea in November 2008 because we needed a break. Pesky little things like life and reality were eating us alive.
5. Two days ago, I actually said this out loud: "I hope I love our baby as much as I love little baby Elliot." Elliot is one of our cats. He's 3 years old.
6. I have a tattoo on the inside of my wrist. It says "believe" in Hebrew. I chose Hebrew because my mother's side of the family is Jewish and I wanted something to look at whenever I wanted to feel close to her. I chose "believe" because at the time I was struggling with trying to understand why my life was turning out like it was, and I knew that I just needed to believe. Believe in God, believe in my faith, believe that there's a reason why things happen.
7. That's the first time I've actually told anyone all of the reasons behind my wrist tattoo.
8. I have a tattoo on my foot of a sun. My mom always sang "You are My Sunshine" and it makes me happy to see it. I also love the sun. I also have really ugly toes and needed something to distract from them.
9. I went to a public boarding school for 11th and 12th grade called the Alabama School of Mathematics and Science. Since Alabama ranks so low on the education scale, the state's required to have a special school for gifted students, tuition-free. That place changed my life.
10. I love listening to music, all kinds. I'm not as "into" the "scene" as I was in high school and college, but it's still something that I love. Some of my favorite songs/bands I can't/won't even listen to anymore because of all of the memories they dredge up. 
11. I used to make up fake tragedies in my life and then tell my AOL Instant Messenger friends about them in order to get attention. I actually had a fantastic childhood and great parents and I never got into trouble and I was a really really good kid all through high school and college and always had good grades with minimal effort. For some reason, I felt this was all too boring so I would try to make myself seem more exciting. 
12. I didn't claim Alabama as my home until my senior year of high school. When it was time to send out those college applications, I realized that I just wanted to stay... home. I went to the University of Alabama at Birmingham, 45 minutes from my parents house. I did, however, either live on campus or just off-campus for all 4 years.
13. My favorite food in the whole wide world is macaroni and cheese.
14. My least favorite food in the whole wide world is... nothing. I have yet to eat something that I would never eat again.
15. During my junior year of college, I shared a house with 2 other friends and we often had people over to hang out on our awesome front porch. One night, a one-legged no-teeth no-outer-ear patchy-haired burn victim prostitute named Janice visited us on our porch. She was 43 and just finished a job at the apartment complex next door and asked if we could call a cab for her. My friend gave her a beer while she waited on the taxi, and Janice tried to pay us $3 for the beer. 2 of us told her no, it's nothing, but my other friend took the money (not realizing we'd already told her no). My friend gave $1 to me and the other girl and kept one for herself, and to this day (almost 7 years later) I still have that hooker dollar in my underwear drawer.


Amanda said...

can I just say that your picture looks lovely! You look so happy! I enjoyed reading all these answers!

Justawallflower said...

What interesting things! Especially no. 15!

Deanna said...

i had no idea ASMS was tuition free! you learn something new every day.

i also did the same thing about making up elaborate stories for my aim buddies.

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