Wednesday, March 30, 2011

30 Posts - Day 30

Day 30: What have you learned this past month? 

Yeah, I totally skipped Day 29 because it was "Your favorite song" and there was already a favorite songs post a while back and I thought it was stupid.

So here we are, Day 30, the end of this thing--that was a fast month! I didn't learn much, except that next time I should find one with more "interesting" topics. I don't think I'm the boring one here, per se... just these topics weren't all the most exciting, know what I mean? Anyway.

Smell ya later.


Amanda said...

Well I enjoyed reading about you!! Where did you find the topics?

Amanda said...

You should try yoga...I find you have to be less coordinated with yoga then with other classes. It just feels good to me. Even a pre natal class is great. Supposed to help with labor!

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