Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pregnancy NSV and other things

Awesome thing that happened:

I was concerned that it would be a long time before anyone could really tell I was pregnant, without them having some sort of prior knowledge. My midsection has been my bane for the last 3 years and it hasn't changed much (in my eyes, at least). Last Friday I was waiting at a crosswalk and this old Korean woman came up to me and started gesturing a pregnant belly and said, "imshin?" (which is the Korean word for pregnant). She actually could tell I was pregnant, and didn't think was just another fat white girl! It was difficult to keep from kissing her.

In other news, today I reached a new low on the scale--232.1! To change the ticker or not, that is the question. I also changed my goal weight, from 155 to 160. I've been meaning to do that for a while, I just finally got around to it. It's only 5 pounds, but it feels more attainable.

I also set kind of a new mini-goal for myself, to be 199 by my birthday (September 29). I figure if I can maintain my weight like I have so far, then it should be easy peasy after I have the baby (around the beginning of August) to lose the pounds. I may have to re-evaluate later on if I gain more than 5-10 pounds in the last trimester.

Adios, y'all.


Amy W. said...

that is a good story :) Have we ever discussed where in Alabama you are from? I am in Pensacola now...and my parents live on a boat in Scottsboro.

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