Thursday, March 10, 2011

30 Posts - Day 10

Day 10: Songs you listen to when you're happy, sad, bored, hyped, and mad

Oh man, this is not easy!

Happy: Florence + the Machines "The Dog Days are Over", anything by Dispatch, anything by OAR (before their newest albums), Elton John, the Who,

Sad: anything from Enter the Worship Circle

Bored: um... anything I guess; is bored really an emotion?

Hyped: I guess this is what I listen to when exercising or cleaning? If so, then anything by Lady Gaga, anything by Muse, Florence + the Machines

Mad: anything by Bright Eyes (especially from the "Fevers and Mirrors" album)

Okay, this is not really comprehensive, but this is what came to mind first. Please don't judge me! :)


Justawallflower said...

I am a mainly country girl, with some pop thrown in, but my lil sis just turned me on to Florence and the Machine, i am really lovin it!

Amanda said...

I love all of those bands...I don't know Enter the Worship Circle though!

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