Thursday, January 7, 2010


Okay, well, so I'm not doing so hot with this whole "tracking my food" thing... I don't know where my motivation is, but it's not here! Argh!
Saturday, January 2, 2010

Maintainance is okay, right?

Well, the new year came and went. Tomorrow it's back to the daily grind. Today's my WI day, and I stayed EXACTLY THE SAME! I was a little worried, because my weight fluctuated a bit during the week, but come today and it's EXACTLY THE SAME! I'm not sure whether to be thrilled or sad about that, but whatever. It's not a gain, so I'm going to say.... pleased.

We went to Seoul yesterday and enjoyed good food and art and a movie. That's mainly why I was worried about today, I was sure that all the bad food and sodium I consumed would make me blow up like  a balloon. But it didn't...I don't think.

I just wanted to check in... time to clean the apartment and get ready for some guests!
Friday, January 1, 2010

New Beginnings

Okay, so here's the thing.

I'm fat. People don't like it when you use that word, but it's the truth. I've become much more comfortable with the word since coming to Korea nearly a year ago. So, I've chosen this name to remind myself to be honest with myself. Sure, I can wear different clothes and angle the camera a certain way, but I'm still fat underneath all the tricks.

So there it is.

I remember 4 years ago, I told myself I was okay as long as I didn't reach 200lbs. Then it happened and I freaked out and then I got comfortable. Eventually, around the last year or so, I said, "OK, so, just as long as I don't hit 300lbs I'm OK." Well, the inevitable happened, and November 2008 is when I officially hit the big 3-0-0. Ugh. How the hell did I let that happen to myself? I mean, seriously? How embarrassing is that?

Well, then I came to Korea in February 2009, and here it is January 2010 and I'm still 270. I haven't exactly been trying to lose weight actively, so I'm okay with that. However, I've rejoined Weight Watchers (3rd time's the charm!) and I'm thinking, I can do this. Secretly, I'd love to be down another 20lbs by March--I'll be going home for 3 weeks--but I know it's unrealistic to set that kind of goal. But maybe?

I think a better goal is just to focus on eating right and exercising and doing the best I can. Anyway. Here's hoping.

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