Monday, November 15, 2010

Taco Night x 3

So the longer I have this band, the more I realize what ridiculous portions I used to eat. Take Taco Night, for example. I would make about 1.25 pounds of fajita chicken for me and my husband, and we'd have 3 tortillas each and complain that there wasn't enough chicken.

Now I make about 10oz of fajita chicken for the 2 of us; my husband now makes 2 tacos and I use 1 tortilla (quartered) to make 4 "mini" tacos. Yesterday Marc ate 1 of his tacos at lunch and ate the other for dinner, and I ate 2 of my "mini" tacos at lunch and ate the other 2 for dinner (we both work nights). There's also a pretty hefty portion of chicken left in the fridge, which Marc is going to use for lunch again today.

How is it possible that I used to think that over a pound of chicken wasn't enough for our tacos? That's kind of embarrassing to admit. When I make tuna salad now, it lasts for 5-6 meals rather than just lunch and a snack later on.

This little contraption in my body is pretty neat! Speaking of the little contraption, I feel like I should name it. So many of you have named your bands, I feel like I need to jump on this bandwagon (haha, I said "band"wagon... I just crack myself up) (not really).

Hope you have a swell day!


Amanda said...

I have been thinking about possibly naming my band when I get it! Hmmm.

I know what you mean about the portions. I wonder if my hubby will lose weight along with me!

~Lisa~ (Mrs C) said...

After you've jumped on the "bandwagon" (lol) you gotta share what his/her name is!!

And, I am sooo ready for some portion control! Thanks for the up-lift!

nikki said...

Servings sizes do amaze me. Jay and I were the EXACT same way. We never, ever had leftovers. Now, like you, east on it for several meals. I love bandland! :) As for a name, I don't really call it by name except for at home and it's "Debbs" for "Debbie Downer". (downer = weight loss).

Silverhairedgoddess said...

I can't wait until I am in the same situation as you and all the other bandsters !

I am going to be saving alot of money ! Yay!

Rachel said...

I hear you. Having a band has definitely made me more conscious of my portions. I went to PF Chang's and had their seared tuna appetizer and I was so satisfied. Before I didn't feel full till I felt bloated and distended. I'm so glad my perspective has changed.

Angelica said...

OMG so me and my mom were on our way home from the support group, and she stopped at Baskin Robins, and asked me if i would like to treat ourselves, and being that i am on a liquid diet (not much taste) i said yes mam, and i got a small shake but we were driving and talking about mind over matter and right then i was full!!!! i only ate a fourth of it! i was amazed but i 'felt' that full feeling!!

sorry my first "WOAH im full" moment

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