Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Is it Saturday yet?

Alright, work was pretty awful. Well, it was okay for the first couple of hours, but I was really feeling the gas pain the last 3-4 hours. We're not supposed to ever sit down in the classes, but I just didn't care by the last class and sat down. Of course, sitting didn't help much either but at least there wasn't any danger of me falling over.

Sadly I have to do this again tomorrow and Friday. I'm a little nervous now, but I'm sure I'll be fine. Then Saturday I get to make the trip up to Seoul again for my first fill (am I really ready for a fill? We'll have to see about that).

I guess the good news is that since I came home an hour and a half ago, I've been farting almost nonstop (I considered saying "tooting", but decided that these are much more than toots!). Unfortunately, it's not relieving any of the pain I'm feeling. Has anyone seen "The Last King of Scotland"? Remember the scene where the doctor uses a baseball bat to push out the dictator's gas? I'm seriously contemplating taking that course of action.


Nikki said...

O the toots! I did not know this was a side effect of the band but boy are they. Oy! My poor hubby, lol. Good luck on your first fill :)

~Lisa~ (Mrs C) said...

GREAT blog, Christina!! And best wishes to you with your fill!! I'll be following your progress! And don't worry about the "toots" - better to "leave them out and bear the shame than leave them in and bear the pain"!!

Rachel said...

Hi Christina, Thanks for commenting on my blog. I'm Korean and my husband is from Taegu...what a small world. One of my challenges, which you might be able to understand is that Koreans are so small. It is hard for me to be obese in a skinny world...where my dad only weighs 130 lbs! Good luck...I look forward to following your blog.

Pamela E. Williams said...

Hey Christina!!! I'm following you. Thank you so much for your kind comments. Wow Korea! I am soooo looking forward to following you on your journey. On the gas pain walk walk walk. That is the only thing that really gets rid of it.

Read said...

I'm sorry for your gas, but I promise in less than a week it'll be a memory (not a pleasant one mind you, but a memory just the same.) Good luck on your first fill!!

Justawallflower said...

Wow, a fill already? I'm jealous! I do not go for another week and a half! Best of luck to you!

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