Thursday, December 2, 2010

Quit yer bitchin'!

I decided that it's time to buck up and stop whining so much, so...

Good morning everyone :) I love Christmas; the last two years I haven't really loved it so much, but this year I love it again. I've bought super-cheesy Christmas cards to send out (most things in Korea are uber-cutesy, and when you add in misspellings like "withes" for "wishes" you can't help but smile) and I've typed up my annual year-in-review. This year we even took a picture in front of our tree--it's actually not the best pic, but it shows us at home, how we really are with our cats.

I also bought lots of Christmas gifts for our families. Since this is our last Christmas in Korea, we felt we should send out some nice things for people. Shipping out of Korea isn't that bad; maybe $20 for good-sized box. I'm definitely going to miss all the low costs of living here! I'm going to try to get everything mailed by Monday. Cross your fingers!

The scale still hasn't gone back down. However, I've been lazy this week and only REALLY exercised on Wednesday (and I'll go after I finish this blog post). That, combined with not getting enough water and still waiting for you-know-who to show, I'm sure is my downfall. Why do our bodies have to be so sensitive to every little change that happens? If only restricting calories was enough *sigh*.

Oh, kind of a side-note here. Canned whipped cream is really expensive here--like $15 for a can of Reddi-Whip, or $18 for 2 cans of Land O'Lakes at Costco. Therefore, we haven't really had whipped cream here (at home anyway). Wednesday night I found something imported from Germany called "Schlagcreme" (sounds dirty, doesn't it?) and I think it's similar to Dream Whip in the US. Anyway, here's a picture of me holding my Schlagcreme (heehee):
I just woke up, but that's supposed to be a look of surprise on my face
Alright, I'm out.


Rachel said...

Its funny that things can be so fairly priced in Korea but that Reddi Whip is so expensive. I have a lot of Korean relatives that wipe the frosting and cream off their cake/desserts; so I imagine that whipped cream is not a high demand quantity. Christina, you are doing great. I hope you savor and enjoy your last holiday in Korea. What a nice adventure to have under the belt of your marriage!

Unknown said...

Schlag-Creme sounds dirty enough, but it's "Ruf" Schlag-creme! bawahahaha. love it. mail me some. (that would most likely be a bad idea) But as we know I just come up with the ideas, I don't guarantee that they're good. <3 Rae

~Lisa~ said...

hahahahaha at the Schlag-Cream!! That is just tooo funny!! Enjoy your last Christmas in Korea.. What a terrific experience it all must have been!

I want to see the pic of you Guys by the tree!!

Anonymous said...

I think that's more like your horror face -- i.e. you just saw the creepy guy in the mirror behind you and he is -this- close to getting you.

And, jeeze, it sure would be swell if only eating less did the trick. That'd be, like, awesome. I'd never go to the dang gym again. *sigh* Maybe one day, after they get around to making our jetpacks, they'll figure out a way to make that happen.

Silverhairedgoddess said...

Wow $18 for a tin of Reddi whip - and I thought things here are expensive !!!

Unknown said...

I keep coming back to check for updates, and every time, your "surprise" face puts a smile on my face. Can you e-mail it to me so it's the picture that comes up when you call? <3 Rae
p.s. is that evil? i don't think it is, i'm sure i have worse pics.

Debi said...

That is crazy prices for redi whip. If you cant tell I finally got caught up on your blogs. I lost the link to it when we moved and just got back to it. I cant wait til you are back home but in the mean time can I get a pic of you guys by the tree and maybe a korean christmas. I still think some of my family thinks that you are an imaginary friend. They just dont seem to understand how I know someone that is in Korea. Oh btw, I can see the weight lose in your face already. Doing great. Love ya

Debi said...

oops I left out card. and maybe a korean christmas card. sorry had to clear that up.

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