Monday, December 13, 2010

Small gain and NSV!

Saturday I went for my *slight* unfill, and the doctor ended up removing 1.5cc's! I didn't object at first, but  then I realized I only had 4cc's to begin with (after I'd already left). So now I have 2.5cc's and I'm pretty sure I could eat a hamburger if I tried. I'm not going to try to eat a hamburger, I like the fear of getting stuck and vomiting uncontrollably--it keeps me in check.

I'm going to see how it goes for the next week or 2 and I'll probably go back to get more put in. I know he just wanted me to rest after throwing up so much last week, but geeeez. I guess we'll see just how much I've learned about controlling my eating.

Here's the NSV: I bought 2 really cute pair of shoes while I was in Seoul, regular 11 and not 11 wide! The wide WOULD be a bit more comfortable because I do just have wide feet, but my feet aren't fat anymore so it was tolerable. I wore the flats all night at work yesterday and my feet were fine. Hooray!

I'm starting to notice a little pattern with my losses. I'll lose really well for a couple of weeks, then I'll go up about 2 pounds over a day or two and then it'll just drop back off again. I got to 248, and today I'm back up to 250. I'm not worried though--it'll drop back off. It's only my 2nd gain since I was banded; I won't let it get me down! I'm also pretty sure that the mashed potatoes I had for dinner last night have something to do with it ;)

P.S. For those not familiar with the lingo, NSV is "Non-Scale Victory".


Robin said...

Congrats on the NSV and as for the gain, I think that's very common. Over my 17 months banded, I think whenever I got to a new low (or something that felt significant), I'd always have a slight up-bump then it would come off pretty handily. (Maybe I'm more sensitive to this since I weight daily. 7 x the chance for a slight gain!)

Rachel said...

Yeah...for the NSV...I notice that about losses...I'll gain and then drop...What's up with that? I'm getting used to my new metabolism.

Stephanie M. said...

That's a great NSV! (By the way, I don't think I've ever commented here, but I love your blog. It's interesting to see how it's done in other places in the world.)

Anonymous said...

NSV is a new one to me (so thanks for explaining it). I'll have to use it in the future. :-)

~Lisa~ (Mrs C) said...

Congrats on the terrific NSV!! And, even without a band, I tend to drop, slight gain, drop again - not sure if it is just water weight or what, but it can be maddening!!

Congrats again!

Rachel said...

You really go to Seoul a lot now. How often does that boy of yours go with you? I think that since you're loose (haha, insert immature joke here) a calorie counter would be really beneficial in the control department.
Here's looking forward to a week or 2 with less vomit!
Congrats on getting smaller boats. Pics, please. How cute are they?
do I really need to sign this one? <3 Rae

Silverhairedgoddess said...

Yes, it was a good idea to get an unfill because your poor stomach needs the rest!

Hope everything goes well with eating your food!

amandakiska said...

It's hard letting go of those fills, isn't it? Hopefully it isn't too much of a hassle for you to go and get some more when you're back to normal. Really with all the inflammation from vomitting, 1.5 cc's was probably a good call.

Getting to a good level of restriction is probably the worst thing about the lap-band, but it is so worth it! Hang in there and keep jumping through the hoops. You'll get to there!

Violinist with a Band said...

Hey thats a great attitude! I have the same loss-gain pattern. Last week I lost over 5 pounds in 5 days. Then I gained 2 back and now they have come off again. I'm trying to work on staying positive when that happens.

Congrats on the awesome NSV!

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