Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Attack of the Hunger Monster!

Oh dear. Not having very much fill is a little dangerous. Here are some of the sins I've committed against my band (still unnamed) this week:

Saturday (after my unfill): ate a whole Grilled Chicked Fiesta Burrito from Taco Bell (I tore off the excess tortilla bits)--not horrible, but I think I shouldn't have been able to do that!

Sunday: ate TWO Meximelts and a bean burrito from Taco Bell! They were spaced out, but again--I'm pretty sure I shouldn't have done that!

Monday: ate a huge bowlful of mashed potatoes with gravy (probably about 2.5 potatoes' worth)

Tuesday: ate a cup and half of homemade jjimdalk (not an unhealthy dish, but I definitely ate too much)

After Monday, I realized I needed to re-focus on my portions (as well as the food choices). Just because it will go down doesn't mean I should eat it! Yesterday I returned my focus to eating slowly and small bandster-size portions and I listened to my stomach and was fine. I just had a couple of crazy days, and those combined with my lack of exercise lately (and the fact that I threw up nearly every meal last week) I'm sure is what contributed to my 2-pound gain the other day. Live and learn and move on, right? Right.

I can't believe that Christmas is next week. I still haven't bought my husband his gift(s); oh well, where's the fun if it's not last-minute?

I leave you with this--it's the photo we sent out with our Christmas cards this year.

You wouldn't believe how difficult it was to get the cats' heads up! The black cat (Mewster) was growling at the other one (Elliot) and Marc is holding Elliot's head up with his hand. Those boys do NOT like to be restrained against their will!


Rachel said...

Cute and adorable!

~Lisa~ (Mrs C) said...

Oh, I love the Christmas photos!! Thank you for sharing! And I think you would be wise to get that band named!! It sounds like she's a bit miffed over the fact that she's still anonymous!!

Thanks again for sharing the photos - I love the cats in their outfits!!

amandakiska said...

Love the pics! The cats are adorable. Will you ship them back to the States when you come?

Isn't it fun getting to good restriction? It seems like we're either starving, puking or gorging all the time. At least the end result is good. Hang in there!

ducttapeweddingring said...

How is the Taco Bell over there? Do they have any special menu items? And what is jjimdalk (Sure, I could do an Internet search, but you brought it up. And you're, like, right there.)? Good luck with the portion control and merry Christmas!

Rachel said...

I love the hats. Hooray for an adorable family! -Rae

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