Thursday, July 28, 2011

39 Weeks...

Hey guys, just thought I would throw you an update :)

I'm now 39 weeks pregnant and everything's looking great. My BP is still behaving and now we're just waiting to meet Karinne. I can't believe it's already almost time to have her! I wouldn't say that the pregnancy has flown by--it's definitely felt like 9 months--but it hasn't dragged either.

Being pregnant with the lap band actually hasn't been so bad. I never did get my band completely unfilled--I've still got about 2cc's in there (at least I did back in December!), and it's just enough to keep me from overdoing it most of the time. I do still have to be super super careful if I decide to eat bread or a tortilla, and I still can't drink while I eat. I'm a little bit nervous about getting fills again after I have the baby, but I've GOT to get to my goal weight before I get pregnant again! Hopefully having a baby and breastfeeding will work wonders for my weight :) I also never got any heartburn, which is incredible for 2 reasons: 1) Everything I read said heartburn was practically inevitable during pregnancy and 2) I have a lap band which should have made it even worse! I also didn't get any really bad swelling that stuck around; my feet and ankles and hands blew up last weekend, but it was gone in a couple of days. I think I've still got just the teeniest bit of swelling, but it's not bad at all; I only notice it because my feet aren't as bony as they were a couple of weeks ago.

I'm now up about 14 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight. I'm a little disappointed, as I'd hoped to just maintain, especially since I lost so much at the beginning of the pregnancy, but I'm trying not to let it get to me and just be realistic about it. No one is giving me a hard time about it except myself; but I also have noticed that I can still wear all the L and XL maternity clothes I bought so I'm pretty sure the weight gain is all in my belly. Now I'm starting to wonder what the heck I'm going to wear after I'm not pregnant anymore--there's no telling what size I'll be!

No two pregnancies are exactly alike, and I feel so lucky to have had such an easy pregnancy--I've definitely enjoyed my time being pregnant and I think I'll miss it a little bit. I hope this doesn't mean that my next one will be miserable ;)

So, now it's time for PICTURES!!!

38 weeks
Cooking breakfast; Marc liked that I was barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen :)
At a friend's baby shower
Lots of pregnant girls at the shower!

We all went to high school together
Today, 39 weeks exactly!


Darlin1 said...

Thanks for keeping us look great!

I'm sooooo excited for you!!

~Lisa~ said...

Thanks for the update - you look absolutely beautiful!!!

Almost there!

Justawallflower said...

You look beyond awesome! And you have had awesome weight gain. It shouldn't take you any time at all to get that weight off, especially when you consider roughly eight pounds is baby and up to five water and fluid! I'm so happy it has been such an enjoyable easy pregnancy! Definitely come back in a week with baby pics!

Amanda said...

you look AMAZING and so darn cute I can hardly stand it!! 14 lbs is nothing!! Seriously! You will get that off in no time. Probably right after the baby is born! But don't stress just enjoy!

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