Wednesday, July 6, 2011

So this is awkward.

Hi, I'm Christina. Remember me? My life has changed drastically in the 2+ months since I last updated in here, but I'm only now getting around to putting it all to paper.

My last post left you all with the story of our journey back to the homeland. We made an offer on a house shortly thereafter, and we finally closed last week and moved in on July 1st! I'm also 36 weeks pregnant now, and I've gained roughly 3 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight (my ticker has been updated, sadly). Oh, and no heartburn or swelling --I've actually really enjoyed being pregnant! My blood pressure's been slightly elevated so my doctor has me on bedrest outside of work; I was doing really well with that until we moved. I go to the doctor tomorrow so we'll see what my blood pressure has to say about that, lol.

I will now leave you with some pictures...

First, some maternity shots, taken around 34 weeks at Railroad Park in Birmingham:

Our first house! (Helena, AL):

Me and Marc:

Okay, so that's my quick update to tell you all what's been going on--I've been keeping up with your blogs, though I haven't been commenting.


~Lisa~ said...

I am sooo happy to hear from you!! I've been thinking about you - and being a Mom myself - worrying about you!!

Your new home is gorgeous and YOU, my Lady, are one beautiful Mom to be!! You look so healthy and happy!

Don't stay away so long!!

Amanda said...

I have been so thinking about you!!!!
You look so beautiful and healthy!! I love your new house too!! Lots of firsts! You'll be great!!

Now when you have this child don't forget to let us know!! Okay!?

Darlin1 said...

Hi look great! Congratulations on your first looks awesome ....BIG!

Keep posting.....we've missed you!

Justawallflower said...

Oh my goodness, what awesome pictures! and you look soooo great! Glad to hear all is well with you!

Amanda Kiska said...

You look beautiful! You've only gained 3 lbs.??? Amazing! I seriously gained 70 lbs. with each of my two pregnancies. That's how I became obese. Say thank you to the Lap-band!

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