Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Aw, thank you guys so much for all your sweet comments recently--you certainly know how to make a girl blush!

A couple of weeks ago, one of my 5th-grade students told me, "Teacher says 'Achi! Achi!' and baby goes out!" ["Achi" is how Koreans say a sneeze, I guess.] I was sneezing a lot in class that day, and he was concerned about the baby. Well, yesterday evening I thought it would be a good idea to watch some natural birthing videos on YouTube--which, by the way, was muy interesting/horrifying all at the same time. Of course, last night I dreamed that I actually did sneeze the baby out, right into the toilet. I didn't even realize there was a baby until I started to get up and found that I was still attached to *something*. Oh, and it was a boy--my first concern was the baby shower invitations because they were just made with Karinne's name on them.

That reminds me, I can't even remember if I told you yet, but it's definitely a girl, and her name is Karinne Elise. I will be 23 weeks on Friday--it's gone by so fast! My last day of work is April 20th, 2 weeks from today, and we'll board the airplane on April 25th. I'm sosososososososo ready for this.


Rachel said...

Last time I took Delta the food was bagels and cream cheese and cold chicken strips? Is this the delicious food you speak of? Maybe international flights are different...One thing about the plane is that it is very dehydrating...so I would drink a lot and hydrate yourself. I love the name Karinne Elise...unique and beautiful and relevant for a baby girl and something that an older woman would be proud being called...

...sarah. said...

Yay for a girl!! That's a funny dream in a way, and it may be pretty common (I should look into this more scientifically...). I had a dream when I was pregnant that I gave birth to my baby but he was too small, so I put him back in. Haha!

Deanna said...

in childbirth class we watched a bunch of different birthing videos. one showed the first time mom, grunting and groaning, trying to squeeze out the baby. the next video was a fifth time mom, and i think maybe she did sneeze and the baby shot out.

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