Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A New Decade and Need Some Advice

My weight this morning was 239.8--I've officially entered a new decade, the 230's! It took me just over a month to get here. It feels like it took forever, but I know it's a good pace.

I need help! My band hasn't given me too much trouble lately, but last night for some reason I could not eat my chicken "taco"--and I even made homemade guacamole to go with it! (I've eaten it before with no problems.) After PBing AND throwing up the entire contents of my stomach, I settled for just not eating. Now today I have these occasional hiccups and it hurts where my band is (but only when I hiccup). If the pain doesn't stop by tomorrow, I think I might have to go to Seoul on Saturday to get a little more unfill (hopefully not a total unfill). This morning I'm verrrrry slooooowly eating a bowl of cereal with some strawberries but I'm feeling kind of nauseous and I can't tell if it's good old fashioned morning sickness or if it's because of my band.

Last but not least, thank you all for your wonderful encouraging and congratulatory comments over my last few posts! It means the world to me to click on my comments page and see all of those sweet messages :) You guys are the best, and I couldn't do this without your knowledge and support!


~Lisa~ said...

It could just be the little one letting you know that he/she is still there and growing... I had morning sickness with my second son - it's not pleasant..

Maybe stick with crackers, light toast, or thin wafers for awhile - see if that helps.. And, LOTS of water or tea! Sip, sip, sip!!

Good luck to YOU!

Rachel said...

You officially weigh less than me, you skinny b*tch. I guess I need to make a committment (for real, for real) to stick to my calorie counting so that I don't resent you when you come home. Not that I could - you're going to have a cute, crying, mini-me that I'm going to want to smother with love.
Maybe you need to go back to liquid meals for a while... see if that helps? <3 Rae

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