Wednesday, October 27, 2010

All you can eat tacos, my ass.

So I've got a surgery date--October 30th. I'm a bit nervous, as I don't have to see a nutritionist or have a prolonged liquid diet or anything like that. I keep wanted to clean out my cabinets, but then I remember that there's not really anything I CAN'T eat (once I'm able to eat solid food again). While Dr. Kwon doesn't require protein shakes, I think I'm going drink one every day anyway, because from what I've been reading it seems like they really help with the weight loss. 

I really wish my mom was alive now. She always had such an interest in whatever I did; I know it annoyed me sometimes, but I really did appreciate it alot of times. Now though, I feel like no one is really that interested. I sent my dad a huge long email telling him all about the surgery and everything the doctor said, with a little blurb at the end about something unrelated. When he responded, he only mentioned the unrelated bit--not one word about the whole rest of the email. 

Tonight I went out with my husband and some friends to all-you-can-eat taco night. Well, the restaurant's tacos aren't what you would expect. There's one tortilla on a plate, cut into four triangles, with a little pile of meat, cheese, and lettuce on each one. So really, each plate is just ONE taco. A little disappointed, but it was still good nonetheless. I was a bit sad when I thought about not being able to indulge in all-you-can-eat taco night again, but it's worth it. The tacos really weren't even that great. I make better ones at home.


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