Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Still going...

It's been a couple of weeks, I know. BUT! I'm still on the wagon! Since I got back on the wagon on February 28th, I've lost about 16 pounds. I think you all understand just how good that feels. My clothes are feeling good again (they were all getting a bit snug!) and I just feel better. I've been tracking my food everyday, and that's been a huge help. Yeah, sometimes it's a pain to figure out the calories when I ate 2 potato chips, but I gotta do it--otherwise, my "two bites here and a small piece there" will add up and I won't even realize it.

I'm in first place for my gym's weight loss challenge--I kind can't really believe it. The 2nd place person is right behind me though; at last week's weigh in, I'd lost 5.15% and they'd lost 5.1%. I'll take it though! The Biggest Loser challenge at work started yesterday--wish me luck on that one! Either way, I'm going to lose weight, and I feel like I've already made some really positive changes in my eating and exercise habits, so it's all good. I swear, I feel like a brand-new bandster sometimes; though, I guess I kind of am since being pregnant and having a newborn knocked me out for a while.

I feel like I'm never able to write proper updates, and I want to. This blogger community has helped me so much in getting my mojo back, I feel like I owe it to you! Thank you all for your support!


Tracie said...

Fantastic! So glad you are doing well and you sound really happy, hurrah! Congrats on the weight loss and for being diligent in tracking yourself, I am working on that one again too and hoping I can get the scale moving down again. Way to go!

Andrea said...

Good job!

Sadie Dear said...

Hey Christina! First of all, thanks for finding and following my new blog. Just keep my real name a secret, eh? ;) Second? Congratulations on the continued weight loss! I am so proud of you!!

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