Monday, February 27, 2012

Still Waiting!

In my last post, I told you that my fill was scheduled for the 23rd. Well, guess what--IT DIDN'T HAPPEN.


The surgeon had to review my records prior to making an appointment to decide if he'd see me or not. I faxed my records on December 29, and I know they received them because they called me about them. Well, I got a call on the 22nd (at 4 in the afternoon, mind you--what the crap can I do about it at 4 in the afternoon??!?) that they needed my records. Apparently the doctor lost them or something? I don't know. I was mad. I sent them around 5 (when I got the voicemail) and the morning, the poor receptionist chick said they'd received them, but I couldn't come to my appointment because THEY ALREADY GAVE IT AWAY. Ugh. I have yet another appointment scheduled for this week, but I'm soooo not excited about meeting this doctor. He just sounds like a turd.

I searched and searched, and actually found another group of lap-band surgeons that I somehow missed. I got a message from their office today saying they would see me, so now I'm waiting to find out just how much a fill there would cost me. When I was in Korea, I don't think I realized how difficult it would be to find a surgeon to take care of me after I came back, nor did I realize how expensive it would be (my insurance doesn't cover bariactrics). I think if I had I would have taken a different route.

I went to the gym at 6am on Saturday. I just happened to be awake and thought, "why not?". It felt good.


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